With only 3 double clears, the 2019 FEI Jumping Nations Cup was an incredible spectacle.

Juan Manuel Gallego was the first double clear. He put the pressure on. After a risky move, knifing across the first fence going right to left he kept it clean and easy the rest of the way. His time was beatable at 39.36, but The remaining horses would have to keep foot clear to to match.

Paul Oshea Jumping
20/05/18, La Baule, France, Sport, Equestrian sport LONGINES FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ of France – Longines Fei Jumping Nations Cup™ of France, Image shows O’SHEA Paul (IRL) SKARA GLEN’S MACHU PICCHU. Copyright: Thomas Reiner – ThomasReiner.pro /FEI

Paul O’Shea was the second double clear coming in at 36.03 taking the lead. The crowd was ecstatic. He had his own cheering squad in the stand. He definitely had plenty of support which made him feel like home. Perhaps that is what gave him the confidence to ride so boldly. His horse is up and coming and what a great day to peak. He jump the whole way ahead of pace and kept his feet clear to take move into the leader spot.

Home favorite, Margie Goldstein-Engle, was the very last rider in the jump off and was poised to dethrone Paul O’Shea. She’s a competitor and is always having fun and competing no matter the stage. On this stage, her horse was jumping beautifully! She always rides to win. She won in Flordia last year. Her horse was just booking from jump to jump. After she cleared 3 high post, she knew she would be foot clear. The clock was her only obsticle now. Finishing the last jump, her time of 36.78 didn’t quite give her the leader spot. Se definitely enjoyed it even if she couldn’t get the win. She put a show on for the crowd with a great run! But her time was just .7 seconds long for the win.

Paul O’Shea of Ireland held on for the win with his double clear and as Margie Goldstein-Engle completed her second full clear 7 tenths of a second behind. She had an absolute ball out there. She gave it a great run, but ultimately it was Paul O’Shea’s day.

Paul O’Shea would take home the $210,000 Grand Prize.

Here’s the full event:


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