IFSC Climbing World Cup, Munich 2019: Adam Ondra Chokes on Last Boulder and Mia Krampl Tops with a Figure 4 and injured knee.


On May 19,2019


A lot of the technology that goes into bouldering is the shoes and the holds. From angles to rubber composition, the climbers need all the technology to get through the technical and body twisting puzzles on the wall.


Boulder 1

Triangular slopes and under holds

Boulder 2

Jumping mantel

Boulder 3

Balancing slab with slope in your face

Boulder 4

Uperstrenght burner, tricky Zone

Men Competitors

Jakob Shubert

Jakob Schubert, 20 time World Cup Winner takes over as leader. With a tough start, reaching the zone, but not the top of the first boulder, Jakob completed the next three, hitting the zone and top.

Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra finishing 2nd after an amazing 3 top start, flashing all of them,but slowed down on the fourth. He almost seemed to lose all his strength, as he was not able to hit the zone and failing on the final challenge.

Adam Ondre


Boulder 1

Slab climb, Tiny crimps, traverse

Boulder 2

Round travers slab

Boulder 3

Crimping Dino

Boulder 4

Technical Cheese block overhang

Women Competitors

Janja Garnbret

First boulder took 1 attempt, 2nd took two, and 3rd took three and the fourth took 1. Janja Garbret wins with 2 flashes on four tops.

Fanny Gibert

Kept constant Pressure with 4 tops, 2 flashes. Keeping Janja Garnbret honest, but in the end, Janja completed with fewer attempts.

Mia Krampl

MUNICH, GERMANY – MAY 19: Mia Krampl of Slovenia competes during the finals of the IFSC Climbing World Cup Munich on May 19, 2019 in Munich, Germany. (Photo by Marco Kost / Getty Images)

She came in with injured left knee. The announcers and spectators alike thought she should give up and put some time into the knee, but Mia had other ideas. After missing the zone on the first boulder, she showed everyone what kind of grit and determination she had, finishing the last 3 boulders through gritted teeth and some amazing moves. 3 tops and a position on the podium. With an amazing technical climb on the 4th boulder including a figure 4 move to finish the climb.

Julia Chanourdie

A tough competitor, but missed the podium due to a slow start. She capped off her day on a high note. On the last boulder for almost 3 minutes, took her time, but flashed it.

Full Video Replay


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